Wizzed over to Budapest


This Easter I decided to fly over to Budapest for a few days solo travel. I had enjoyed Spain’s Semana Santa last year. I really wasn’t up for all the processions and huge crowds again. So I found some seats on Hungary’s budget airline, WizzAir and was pleasantly surprised. The plane was very new and […]

Bad Behaviour on Buses

bad behaviour on buses

Since moving to the northern hemisphere over seven years ago, bus travel has become a big part of my life. Bus travel is convenient and economical, and usually I enjoy it. In Australia, I drove my car everywhere. I would never have even considered taking a bus, but here in Europe, bus travel is the […]

My Christmas


As the year was coming to a close and the silly season was upon us, I was thinking about my options for this holiday. I’ve never been one to really enjoy Christmas. It stresses me out in fact with all the commercialism and the expectations. I hate shopping at the best of times, so when […]